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Diving into
Unique Brand Stories.

In our debut season, we dive into 14 brand stories as told by industry leaders, company founders, entrepreneurs, and professional freelancers to uncover their origins, success paths, and key milestones.

YB+YS is hosted by Megan Ingram, Founder, Ingram Digital Consulting, a fully remote, digital agency with headquarters in Washington DC.

Listen as we discuss the state of digital marketing and other collateral business subjects including The Future of Work, Freelancing Fundamentals, and Diversity + Inclusion in the Workforce.

Our curated guest-pool of fascinating speakers include creative, curious, socially conscious, and bold industry professionals; each with unique perspective to inform and inspire those currently working in marketing and digital delivery services, as well as the next generation of pros coming up through the ranks.

Grab a cup 'o joe and tune in each week!

yb+Ys episode 1:

Changing the
Future of Work

with Greg Kihlstrom

Author, Entrepreneur & Remote Work Advocate

Join Megan and Greg Kihlstrom as they discuss how remote work has changed the workforce; creating a cohesive brand experience despite these changes; and what trends we should watch for in 2021.

Greg is a best selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He's Co-founder of CareerGig, and has worked with some of the world’s top and most recognizable brands...more >

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Ingram Digital Consulting
Ingram Digital

Launched in September 2020, Ingram Digital Consulting is an all-remote, data-driven agency that uses analytics and strategy to tell bold, fun, and creative brand stories -- unique in their marketplace -- to stand out (and above) in today's competitive landscape.  

From a national pool of high-caliber, 100% vetted talent, IDC builds freelance 'Avenger' style teams to maximize perspective and therewith, best serve clients. We are 50+ talented, freelance professionals who meticulously deliver a variety of multimedia, marketing and thought leadership services including strategy, design, media production, planning, development, and results analysis.

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